Nomads in Residence / No. 19
Concept & development by Bik Van der Pol in
collaboration with Korteknie & Stuhlmacher

A mobile studio for artists is, in a certain
sense, a paradox. Artists are more mobile than
ever, and their working space rarely permanent.
Their working space is in their head.
Worldwide, a larger and larger growing network
of temporary workspaces and residencies
provides artists with the necessary possibility
to be able to keep moving. Ideas and projects
being developed – and quite often in close
collaboration and interaction with others -
become activated in an increasingly fluctuating
movement between global and local. These
movements however, are not possible without an
existing hospitality, generosity and trust.
That is why residencies, unconditionally open
to others, fulfill an important role, contrary
to the current tendencies and therefore
implicitly political: ‘on the move’, and
putting aside the borders of disciplines,
communities and nations.
These notions were taken into account during
the development for the mobile studio, and
Nomads in Residence / No. 19
translated in a generous gesture: an open
flexible space for artists, architects,
writers, and thinkers. The space literally
breathes a possibility for exchange of ideas.
Big doors can be used as door, wall or podium.
The mobile studio is based on the example of
the ultimate travel kit - the container – but
with its sizes of 18 x 4 x 3,4 meter quite a
bit bigger and exactly within the maximum sizes
allowed to transport the structure on the
public road.

In May 2004 the mobile studio was placed in the
newly built city extension Leidse Rijn near
Utrecht. As part of the municipal art program
‘Beyond’, invited artists and designers will
use this residency to observe, research and
constructively comment on the growing and
rapidly changing area from various
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