Selected exhibitions and projects
Casco projects, Utrecht
Beyond , Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, Nomads in Residence, mobile workspace for artists (with Korteknie and Stuhlmacher architects)
Cargo , Almere, Andare A Zonzo, a walk
through Almere as preparation for a film
Rooseum , Malmö, Universal Studios Part 1, Sleep With Me
galerie Maisonneuve , Paris, Time-warp
CAC, Vilnius, Lituania 24/7
Puddles, Jusshi School, Tokyo
Until We Meet Again, Strip, Vlaardingen
Cargo, Almere
Witte de With, Rotterdam, Social Actors in
Transformation, Parallel Practices, in
collaboration with Stealth Group
Ludwig Museum, Budapest, gravitation,
(Untitled (after Miklos Erdely): a project for
Moskva Ter)
Affinity Archive , curated by Sarah
Pierce, Dublin, Ireland

Selected exhibitions and projects
TENT., Rotterdam, Married by Powers, a
selection from the collection Frac Nord-Pas de
Calais by Bik Van der Pol
Office of the Foundation of Young Artists,
Budapest, Lobby/Office Piece, permanent installation
Marres , Maastricht, Stadsoase/City Oasis
Henry Moore Institute, Leeds Catching Some
library drawings
FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais , Dunkerque
Ministery of OCW, The Hague, Camera Obscura,
proposal for Hoftoren (not realized)
Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Strike, curated
by Gavin Wade
TENT ., Rotterdam, Foreign Affairs: Budapest
Kunstverein Munchen, Munich Exchange &
Transform (Arbeitstitel)

Fonds BKVB, Las Palmas, Rotterdam,
Commitment, curated by Edwin Janssen
Marres, Maastricht, Hortus III

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