Married by Powers
real, works that we only knew from images or
stories of others.

In principle unlimited, we were only restricted
on practical grounds: & ‘unavailable’ when
temporary on loan for an exhibition elsewhere,
and & ‘impossible’ when a piece is too big, too
heavy and too complicated to transport and to
install in this situation.

Married by Powers is closely connected to our
art practice. Our projects engage with
functionality, usability and site sensitivity,
concerned with interaction at an institutional
and intimate, local level, aiming to improve
situations, add what is missing, highlight what
is in the dark and to open rather than close.
Our working method is based on co-operation and
we use this as a platform for various kinds of
communicative activities. Exploring and
activating such platforms runs like a thread
through our work. With, for example, The
Bookshop Piece (1996, Museum Boijmans Van
Beuningen), a fully functioning copy of the ICA
bookshop in London, we reintroduced the
Married by Powers
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