City Oasis
City Oasis is part 2 of the project Hortus
Ludi, and opens up the garden of Marres
(Maastricht) to the public. City Oasis
re-arranges the spatial functions of Marres,
closing what is opened and opening what seems
closed. The central corridor leading through
the Marres building is being disconnected from
the rest of the house, and two transparent iron
gates replace the doors. The corridor becomes a
tunnel to the enclosed city garden, wilderness
and oasis, with ‘sitting islands’ and an herbal
garden - apparently everyday plants but with
unexpected hallucinogenic effects. As the
Situationists were practicing the useless and
were introducing the notions of play and dream
in culture - underlining the importance of
adventure as a direct experience - today
exactly the useless and the adventurous
(wandering, leisure, drifting) has become a
form of planned entertainment. Wandering and
drifting is now seen in different environments
such as shopping malls and rock festivals.
Doing nothing is no longer subversive - because
it is no longer useless; instead, its discovery
is an economic factor of enormous importance.
City Oasis is activates the notion of
City Oasis
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