Selected Bibliography
Open 14: Art as a Public Issue. How art and
its institutions reinvent the public dimension
, published by NAI publishers/SKOR

Istanbul, 59 Locations, A Project For
, Istanbul Biennial 2007, published
by Bik van der Pol

The Lost Moment , edited by Bik Van der Pol
and Fatos Ustek, published by Bik Van der Pol,
ISBN 978-90-812018-1-0, available at thelostmoment

Fly Me To The Moon, with texts by Jennifer Allen, Bik Van der Pol, Wouter Davidts, Frans Von der Dunk, Jane Rendell, published by Sternberg Press,, 2006

Casco Issues 9: Past Imperfect. Concept by
Bik Van der Pol, compiled & edited with Lisette
Smits, designed by Will Holder, with texts by
Guus Beumer, Will Bradley, Jason Coburn, Stuart
Comer, Steve Rushton, Bik Van der Pol, Jan
Verwoert, a.o. Published by CASCO and Revolver

Selected Bibliography
Bik Van der Pol, With Love From The
, NAI publishers , 2005. With
texts by Jean Attali, Wouter Davidts, Charles
Esche, Mary Jane Jacob, Arno van Roosmalen,
Sven Lütticken, Jan Verwoert

The No-Seeums, text about work of Libia Pérez de Siles de Castro and Ólafur Árni Ólafsson

Black Friday, Exercises in Hermetics, produced by Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam in collaboration with Revolver Books , edited by Christoph Keller, with contributions by 60 artists, authors and designers.

Model City, for Artefact , Issue 4, Glocalogue

Live like this, Sabine Bitter/Helmut Weber,
September 2005, published by CAMERA AUSTRIA, Kunsthaus Graz.
Excerpts of an email conversation between
Sabine Bitter/Helmut Weber (Vienna/Vancouver),
Liesbeth Bik/Jos Van Der Pol (Rottererdam),
Andrea Geyer (New York), Marina Grniznic
(Vienna/Ljubljana), Ken Lum (Vancouver), Julia
Meltzer (Los Angeles), Jayce Salloum
(Vancouver), and David Thorne (Los Angeles)

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