Little Liars
Little Liars was the name of radio receivers in
the Soviet Union that would receive only a
certain government-approved frequency. These
radios, usually installed in the kitchen, were
part of every Soviet household, and had to be
on all day.
Little Liars (collection from Kiev, models
1-9), consists of nine bronze casts of such
radios which were collected by the artists
during a residency in Kiev. During the casting
proces, the original radios disappeared and
were fully replaced by the bronze material.
Despite that, every detail, like inscriptions,
markings and structure, is conserved in the
bronze, a materiaal that is tradionally used to
cast monuments and public sculptures.
Little Liars (previously presented at the
Moscow Biennial
in 2007 is currently
exhibited in the Van Abbe Museum as part of
Plug In no. 28
, together with other works by
Bik Van der Pol, and works from the collection
of the museum. In this episode of Plug In Bik
van der Pol reflect upon the museum as a place
where information or knowledge is collected,
kept and made accessible. The availability or
lack of information has a significant

Did You Know - Raimundas Malasauskas

Weapons Permit Charles Esche

Little Liars
influence on our ideas of past, present and
future. What information is kept in the museum?
What information is made accessible? These
questions are further elucidated using both Bik
Van der Pol‘s works and those in the Van
Abbemuseum’s collection.
Next to Little Liars (collection from Kiev,
models 1-9), 2006/2007, Bik van der Pol present
Loompanics and a new work, entitled Kiev,
18-3-2006 (version for slideprojector), as well
as a work by Bruce Nauman (Pay Attention,
1973), a gun license on the name of the
director of Van Abbe Museum, and three works of
On Kawara (13 Jan. 1973, 1973; July 4 1973,
1973 ; and Lat. 31'25‘N, Long. 8'41’E, 1965).
According to a scenario, some works will be
replaced by others.
Kiev, 18-3-2006 (version for slideprojector) is
–like the Little Liars - the result of the
researchperiod in Kiev. Bik van der Pol
investigated how the events following the
nuclear disaster in Chernobyl have implanted
themselvess in the private and public life.
Kiev, 18-3-2006 serves as a model of how
knowledge about events is stored and passed on.
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