What colour would a chameleon take when placed on a mirror?
Bik Van der Pol’s contribution to U-TURN
focuses on mediation. Their project infiltrates
the marketing of the quadrennial as well as its
presentation of art to the public.
Several official posters and other
presentational materials are produced in
inverted versions. A small pick-up truck
carrying a large mirror-framed box will drive
around town and serve as a sculptural
communication unit.
The mirror box and the use of mirrors in other
contexts make it possible to actually read the
inverted statements. This way, the audience is
involved in the presentation in a new and more
active manner. At the same time, it is also
important that the mirroring includes all the
things that surround art – the situation, the
space, the exhibition site and urban areas.

Bik Van der Pol intentionally seek to disrupt
the perspective and to point out a new focus
and a new dimension in the way the audience is
addressed. Why do we look at something? How do
you create attention? And what does U-TURN
really represent? With this project, Bik Van
der Pol want to create resistance, attention

What colour would a chameleon take when placed on a mirror?
and reflection by one and the same (u-) turn,
which will definitely lead U-TURN and audience
alike in new directions.

(excerpt from short-guide text by Christian
Skovbjerg Jensen)

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