The Shower Piece
gallery, London and DePaviljoens, Almere. ‘
REST, an initiative by four artists (Liesbeth
Bik, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Jos van der Pol, Hans
Snoek) started in 1995 in Rotterdam.

The underlying idea is that REST considers not
a single aspect of our culture as more
meaningful or important than any other. REST
investigates different points of views, blows
up what seems to be too small, lights what has
been in the dark. REST does not want to have
the final word; therefore she creates spaces
for other words. She invites co-operators (not
necessarily from out the ’art’ world), who are
given the space to show their motives, their
drive. Each co-operator may invite during a
certain period of time, other co-operators, and
make proposals. REST will stimulate and support
her guests as far as possible: she creates the
necessary space, offers her energy, and will
try to make the impossible possible.

REST invited and worked with Arno van
Roosmalen (curator TENT., Rotterdam, until 1999
curator city collection museum Boijmans Van
Beuningen), Tys Goldschmidt (writer,
The Shower Piece
biologist), Anna Harding (head Goldsmiths
curatorial course, London), TorkRadio (London),
Bartomeu Mari (director Witte de With until
2001), Ruud Kaulingfreks (philosopher of Arts,
Erasmus University and Einhoven Academy of
Design, organizes management training courses,
writer), Lynda Morris (organizer EAST
International, Norwich, curator).
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