Absolut Stockholm
propaganda and personal investment in the past
and what this all means today. We made a
selection of several public spaces and areas in
Stockholm that played a role in Sweden‘s past
and the development of the so-called Swedish
model. In search of their utopian, esthetic,
functional and historic qualities, we set up
public meetings, small events and interventions
in or around these places, to make connections
between people who live here and those who
visit, to question the grade of ’publicness‘ of
these spaces functioning today, to challenge a
sense of creating interest on what public and
public space means in a city where public
places disappear under constant pressure of
pragmatic capitalist developments, as well as
communicating excitement and curiosity by
creating access to places.
These events were informal and casual, and
focused on exchanging ideas and on creating new
or unexpected connections.
It was very important that this project would
reach out to a wider public than the usual art
public: in our opinion, the issues raised by
implication of this project, were all very much
a ’public case’. Therefore we developed a

Absolut Stockholm
simple but effective and precise communication
strategy with the museum. A map and sticker
sheet directed the public to the locations
where the events took place; they were both
distributed widely among cultural areas in the
city. Information about the project could also
be obtained via the website of the museum, and
each event was advertised in the national
newspaper, the local newspapers as well as in
weekly cultural papers, distributed in shops
and entertainment areas.

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