Life, once more, continues to be free and easy
The increasing ability to move from one place
to another creates as much possibilities as
commotion, both among those who are and those
who arrive. Due to that, ‘original’ and
‘authentic’ are becoming less valid notions, or
at least, less distinct. Animal life appears
not so much different from the life of humans.
Usually introduced by other factors than pure
will, the consequences of new settlers have a
huge impact on public space and its joint use.

“Life, once more, continues to be free and
easy”, is a project developed for O_P
PROCESSOS_OBERTS, Terassa, Spain, July 2004,
and it is conceived as a campaign for the Monk
parakeets. The Monk (or Quaker parakeet)
manifests itself more and more in the public
realm of Terrassa since they first arrived in
Spain in the 1970s.

The project consists of 12 picnic blankets and
a series of posters.
afternoon picnic was organized in Parc
Vallparadis, one of the locations with a large
population of Monk parakeets. After the

Life, once more, continues to be free and easy
project the picnic blankets will stay in
Terrassa: they are given to different schools
and ‘esplais’. Esplais are leasure groups for
children, similar to boyscouts but not
religious. Esplais organize activities and
games, during weekends and summer time such as
drawing, going to the park, and many others.
Esplai is a Catalan word that means free time
to enjoy. The picnic blankets are accompanied
by information material on the birds.

Title after Guy Debord, Life continues to be free
and easy (1959)

Design of the poster:
Ben Laloua/Didier Pascal, Rotterdam/Paris

locations in Terrassa

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