Married by Powers
interpretation and makes an attempt to render
transparancy to this extensive collection by
bringing it into action as material, as a
literal think tank.

On the invitation of FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais
and TENT. we made a choice from the FRAC
collection. This choice, around 150 works of 73
different artists is not a cross-section: most
pieces (art objects, but also design) were made
in the 60s-, 70s and 90s. Some of the works -
or other works by the same artists - have been
shown in Rotterdam before, in spaces such as
Venster, Westersingel, Witte de With and Museum
Boijmans van Beuningen. In this sense, Married
By Powers revitalises a few links with

During the process of defining our choices, we
chose to be led by a few criteria: if a work
generated recognition and discussion between
us, if it & ‘spoke’ and appealed to us, if we
were eager to see a specific work that we had
seen before, again, and last but not least, if
we really wanted to use this opportunity to
create the possibility to finally see works in

Married by Powers
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