Art is either plagiarism or revolution, or: something is definitely going to happen here

evidence of people and their environment.’
Few know about revolution, its causes its
consequences. It has become a print on
t-shirts, icons have become fashion. Is there a
new type of revolution in the gaps of our
society? With new rules, new presences?

This event (title derived from a quote of Paul Gauguin) emphasizes on the possibility and impossibility to present, show, conserve and exhibit an experience. It explores different levels of communication, such as excitement, boredom and the wish to recalling. It deals with what can be implied, instead of wanting to be explicit.

The material is used for the production of a
film (video, 30 min.), a poster (insert in Open Magazine, vol. 14: Art as a Public Issue, published by SKOR/NAI), installations and a neon work with 'start-up problems'. The film is evolving as a continuous project: Bik Van der Pol work with bands and musical groups on a score reflecting on revolution, community and the issue of tim(e)(ing), see Art and Research

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