City Oasis
Hortus Ludi is a project for Marres,
Maastricht. City Oasis is part 2 of this
project, and was realised later in the same
year. Hortus Ludi explores ‘Preparations’ as an
exhibition typology, with works, talks and
presentations of Lara Almarcegui, Jason Coburn,
Clanitica, Anita DiBianco & Mira Bernabeu,
Annika Eriksson, Felice Hapetzeder, Sabine
Hornig, Aletta de Jong, Jeroen Jongeleen &
Erosie, Jan Kopp, Rudy Luyters, Arnold
Mosselman, Claudia & Julia Muller, Cesare
Pietroiusti, Frans Postma, Amelie Rydqvist,
Hinrich Sachs, Chris Wilcha, Dolores Zinny &
Juan Maidagan, Matts Leiderstam.

Hortus Ludi as a metaphor the artists studio as
a laboratory and testing ground. Game / play as
a spectacle and activity is one of the starting
points of the hortus ludi. Nothing stands by
itself; everything is related to historical,
social, psychological and cultural
circumstances and situations.
City Oasis
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