The Shower Piece
attributes and curtain and because I was
showering at a familiar moment, after waking
up. Hardly conscious of the fact that I was
standing in a work of art. Except for the
theatrical effect of the curtain: the act at
the top of a staircase in a decor - absurd.

The curtain revealed: through the material the
painted dots were visible, all different, the
brush movements are frozen, and during the
showering, continuous changing patterns of tiny
drops developed on the cloth. They magnified
the structure of the curtain, like lenses.
After a while, and influenced by gravity the
drops converged and glided down as sharp, rapid
little streams from the waving surface of the
curtain. Diverse different layers,
transparency, several patterns on top of each
other, the attention to the materials. But also
minimal, conceptual and kinetic. Nothing is
what it seems to be. No thing is a thing.
The Shower Piece

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