Lobby / Office Piece
This project entails adapting the lobby of the Kunstverein Munchen for the Office of the Organisation for Young Artists in Budapest, and involves a circulation of energy, ideas, opportunities and resources.
Kunstverein München and the Office in Budapest share many ambitions, such as the wish to mediate art and to create a meeting place for people interested in art and artists. Also architecturally, the lobby space in München and the central space of the organization in Budapest bare parallels.
Instead of creating new ideas and a new design, Lobby / Office Piece for Budapest emphasizes on principles of circulation and reciprocity as the basis of economic and artistic exchange. It finds its roots in the setting up of an artists exchange program between Budapest and Rotterdam based artists (which started in 1999 and of which Bik Van der Pol were the co-initiators).
The involvement of all parties, physical or financial, has become part of the project and is therefore indispensable: The Kunstverein München invited Bik Van der Pol to participate in this exhibition. Apolonija Sustersics who designed the lobby of Kunstverein München has generously supported this project by allowing Bik van der Pol to copy her

Lobby / Office Piece
lobby.jpg Lobby at Kunstverein München by
Apolonija Sustersics

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