and resistance against tyranny. Some books in
their catalogue deal with activities and
methods which, when really executed, would
conflict with federal, state- en local law.
Loompanics does not advocate breaking law:
their books are sold for information purposes
only. Loompanics recommends interested readers
to contact the authorities before realizing a
project based on the information in their

Loompanics is occupying a niche: they claim by
their production, a free space where one could
think. Everything produced inside and by a
society or community can, in reality, also used
against it, a double-sidedness we experience
sometimes the hard way. Then, radicalism leads
to destruction. The consequence of free choice
between concept and reality can only be thought
over in a nuanced way when also difference from
the existing norm is tolerated.

In january 2006, Loompanics went out of

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