Untitled (after Miklos Erdely)

Untitled (after Miklos Erdely)
Untitled (after Miklos Erdely), a project for
Moskva Ter evolves around the notion of change:
changing reasons of name giving to certain
places and streets and changing existence of
the life of monuments and landmarks.

Around Moskva Ter - the major traffic junction and transfer station of Budapest - one can find many landmarks, among them memorials for the people who fell for the revolution, but also fake landmarks with an invented history attached to it. Supermarket Mammuth is representing itself with constructed fossils and other peculiar findings supposed to come from another era, and by doing this - Mammuth suggests a past that goes back a long way, deep into a long gone archaeological history as a contrast to what they actually represent.

The surrounding of the square is changing fast through the settling in of multinationals such McDonalds, Burger King, Nationale Nederlanden and others banks, as well as through the redevelopment of the old Ganz factories into a park with exhibition halls and a theatre. Gentrification is at work here: public space is in transit and old memories and stories are overruled or replaced by new ones.
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