Bik Van der Pol
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sep. 17
upcoming: Public Knowledge
sep. 17
Just published: WERE IT AS IF Beyond An Institution That Is
sep. 17
Academie der Kunste der Welt: Youth Academy UNGLOSSARY in cooperation with Stadtrevue
aug. 17
in preparation: Escualita at CA2M - Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid
aug. 17
Just published: School of Missing Studies, Sandberg Series n°1
aug. 17
Verschwindende Vermächtnisse: Die Welt als Wald - Disappearing Legacies: The World as Forest
jul. 17
Greater Together, ACCA, Melbourne, 8 Jul–17 Sep 2017
apr. 17
Public Space? Lost and Found
sep. 16
Bik Van der Pol on instagram and twitter
oct. 15
AS ABOVE SO BELOW in now stored in Google maps
jul. 15
Abstract Habitats: Installations of Coexistence and Coevolution. Sven Lütticken
jul. 15
Siegelaub / The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer And Sale Agreement
sep. 14
What if the moon were just a jump away?
sep. 17

Academie der Kunste der Welt: Youth Academy UNGLOSSARY in cooperation with Stadtrevue

Youth Academy release party of UNGLOSSARY in cooperation with Stadtrevue on November 30 in King Georg, Koln.

The Akademie der Künste der Welt runs its own alternative educational
program called the Youth Academy, where participants from Cologne join
guest curators for workshops and projects. This season’s guest curators are
the artists Bik Van der Pol. Their workshop series is called The City & the
City, referring to China Tom Miéville’s book in which two cities occupy
much of the same geographical space, but via the volition of their citizens,
they are perceived as two different cities.
Through collective workshops participants formed a horizontal editorial
board that embarked on a collective research to explore ways of gathering
and producing knowledge and information through ‘reading’ the public
domain, against the background of the recent elections, concentrating on
‘voice’ as a political and performative tool to act. Who speaks? Whose
voices can be heard? Which words are visible? Who has access and
which languages do we speak?
Unglossary, inserted in Stadtrevue, explores ways of revealing how private
bodies become political, how they participate, and how they are drawn into
relations of solidarity. Voices and language - used by and between citizens
– share the same space but seeing and speaking are not always perceived or
heard in the same way. They can bring together or create separation. While
‘to gloss’ means to try to conceal or disguise (something embarrassing or
unfavorable) by treating it briefly or representing it misleadingly, the words
collected for the Unglossary carry an importance for communal life and
perhaps also a universal meaning while being thought, expressed, felt and
lived differently by individual citizens. But, if voicing is an act of
expressing in a private, public, and political way, language implies
participation as a citizen.
Unglossary gives form and speaks to such differences. Using techniques of
collecting, copying, appropriating, and creating a map of private, public,
real, fictional, contextualized truths and untruths to expose what is shared
between us – individually and collectively. The design reflects on the
working process of finding answers or asking questions with or without
giving answers, through a play between fullness and blank spaces, noise
and silence, shouting and not knowing what to say. The typography offers
both a new and an alienated visuality to the implied reader.

Unglossary is made by Argia Wehner, Bik Van der Pol, Dana Bulic, Danila
Lipatov, Eva Busch, Ewa Zielinska, Katherina Gorodysnka, Kontanze Spät,
Léa Genoud, Leri Matehha, Nora Wiedenhöft, Olga Kozliuk, Thomas Artur
Spallek and Victoria Tarak for Stadtrevue [no. X], [date] in the year 2017.