Bik Van der Pol
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Married by Powers (with Frac Nord-Pas de Calais)
all the time. Sometimes pieces will return, sometimes in a different context and certainly with a different motivation.

GYM houses the collection of 150 pieces, all packed in protective cases and material: the depot as image. The content of the cases is indicated by the list of names of the artists, titles and descriptions of the work. In some cases this list will evoke memories of the pieces, for many of the works may be part of some sort of collective memory.

Three pieces are, as our personal parameters for Married by Powers, shown during the whole period: How Does It Feel (1995), a work of Tony Oursler addresses directly to the viewer, in this way exploring and questioning the relation between public and private, intimate space. With Speech Bubbles (1997) by Philippe Parreno, the energy of a discourse floats - so to speak - in the air. Untitled, 1994 (Recreational Lounge) a project by Rirkrit Tiravanija creates a place in the exhibition, actively inviting to play, hang out, think and read.
Married by Powers (with Frac Nord-Pas de Calais)
Married by Powers came into being thanks to the dedication of all who contributed:

Lisa Klapstock, Natasa Petresin, Basak Senova, Mai Abu Eldahab, Franceso Bernardelli, Nikola Dietrich, Edit Molnar, Marc Bijl, Maher Al Sabbagh, Paulina Olowska, Jill Magid, Nanine Linning, Martijn Boelhouwers, André van der Eijk, Carla Cruz, Nina Hoechtl, Tina Sejbjerg, Claudia van Dijk, Reynaldo Chirino; Ad Benard (research); Roebie Starink (video work) ; Peter Westenberg (design invitation); NienkeTerpsma (design poster); the team of Frac Nord-Pas de Calais in Dunkerque and TENT. in Rotterdam; transport LeClerq and AFAA, Association Francaise d'Action Artistique.