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feb. 19
Radio Shoe presents shows on Take Part's San Francisco scale model
jan. 19
Take Part - Is There Room in San Francisco for San Francisco? A project by Bik Van der Pol, commissioned by Public Knowledge at SFMOMA in partnership with San Francisco Public Library
dec. 18
coming soon: In the vacuum of GwangJu’s Uprising: Everlasting Struggles
nov. 18
Bik Van der Pol win Exeter Culture commission: Czigane
nov. 18
Mama, was ist eigentlich Natur?
sep. 18
Archival Metabolism: Toward a Twenty-First-Century Archive Theory without Theory
mar. 18
Syndrome of the Present
sep. 17
WERE IT AS IF Beyond An Institution That Is
aug. 17
School of Missing Studies, Sandberg Series n°1
apr. 17
Public Space? Lost and Found, MIT Press
sep. 16
Bik Van der Pol on instagram and twitter
oct. 15
AS ABOVE SO BELOW in now stored in Google maps
jul. 15
Siegelaub / The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer And Sale Agreement
apr. 17

Public Space? Lost and Found, MIT Press

Public Space? Lost and Found, a collection of essays, projects, and interviews on the shape and status of public space-making in art and architecture today, produced by ACT and distributed by MIT Press.

The concept of what is or is not a“public space,”and what should be done with it, has been on the minds of architects, designers, and artists for centuries. Public Space? Lost and Found considers the role of aesthetic practices within construction, identification, and the critique of public spaces. This book documents a number of recent projects with accompanying essays and texts from theorists and historians alike that open up discussions on ecological catastrophes, underrepresented communities, and ultimately the effects of digital media and the internet on public space.

With contributions from atelier d'architecture autogérée, Dennis Adams, Bik Van der Pol, Adrian Blackwell, Ina Blom, Néstor García Canclini, Beatriz Colomina, Teddy Cruz with Fonna Forman, Jodi Dean with Gediminas Urbonas, T. J. Demos, Catherine D'Ignazio, Juan Herreros, Brian Holmes, Andrés Jaque, Caroline A. Jones, Coryn Kempster with Julia Jamrozik, György Kepes, Ana María León, Rikke Luther, Matthew Mazzotta, Metahaven with Troy Therrien, Timothy Morton, Antoni Muntadas, Otto Piene, Marjetica Potcr, Gerald Raunig with Christoph Brunner, Doris Sommer, Nader Tehrani, Urbonas Studio, Angela Vettese, Mariel Villeré, Mark Wigley, and Krzysztof Wodiczko.

Edited by Gediminas Urbonas, Ann Lui, and Lucas Freeman
Published by SA+P Press
Distributed by MIT Press

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